Our renewable energy solutions provide school districts, universities, and research institutions a cost effective path to renewable energy generation and usage. We offer schools the ability to either purchase a system via a turnkey contract or buy solar energy through a Power Purchase Agreement. All of our solutions are comprehensive and come with our state of the art solar curriculum.

Why schools should go Solar?

Energy Consumption Schools are large consumers of energy, and with the integration of new learning equipment and research technologies, operating budgets are continually growing. A solar power installation will reduce your institution’s energy bill and protect you from rising rates.


Solimar Power Partners provides a state approved solar curriculum to its school customers so the lessons of sustainability can be incorporated into the classroom using live data. As pillars within their respective communities, schools effectively model the positive environmental attributes of renewable energy for students, staff, faculty, and the community at large.


Entire school districts or large campus universities and colleges can aggregate sites within their facility portfolio and deploy a larger multi-site installation in one phase. The professional fees saved by bundling solar can be shared across properties and further reduce the total cost of the solar power installations.