We are experts in all phases of development from land rights to site assessment and design; utilizing a proven value driven approach that balances expenditure and risks appropriately. Our dedicated project development team has a successful track record of developing high-quality portfolios across global jurisdictions.


Assessing the feasibility of projects is a critical factor in ensuring that development capital is allocated appropriately to those assets that successfully reach completion and generate returns appropriate to the risks taken. This is an ongoing process in the life cycle of development, but is also of primary importance when assessing opportunities and potentially stepping into projects and paying acquisition premiums.

We have established in-house processes whereby the feasibility of project opportunities can be efficiently tested to identify any development issues that prevent the project from proceeding or that need to be taken into account of in the commercial structuring of the transaction.


The selective acquisition of projects is an important part of our strategy to broaden our portfolio. We have a strong track record in acquiring projects at different stages of development, and providing the capital and skilled resources to take them to financial close. Our in-house team of seasoned professionals compliments our skill base across development, technical, commercial and grid to ensure that acquisitions are thoroughly vetted and due diligence targeted on the critical risk and value factors. We work with some of the industry’s leading legal, technical and engineering advisers to execute transactions.

Joint Ventures

From decades of experience in the sector, our management understand and respect the fact that development is a local activity. When considering the entry into or expansion within a market, our first approach is to consider seeking appropriate joint venture opportunities. The importance of working with established businesses in the sector cannot be underestimated. Solimar Power Partners has the right connections and relationships on the ground to identify the “hidden” risks and issues that need to be dealt with for projects to proceed within the framework of indigenous customs and business practices.

Land Rights

Securing land rights is an essential aspect of any project, regardless of the technology. We conduct open and honest consultations, with communities and individuals to achieve mutually beneficial contracts.

Environmental Studies

We engage field experts to guarantee the highest quality and independent validity of studies that we commission. The scope of these reports is determined in close consultation with local authorities to ensure all necessary aspects are covered.

Permitting Applications

We ensure timely submission of environmental studies and socio-environmental-economic assessments; this is critical to maintaining project delivery timeframes.

Grid/Interconnection Studies

Our grid experts analyze exact connection points, available capacity and characteristics of the grid to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective design for the project.

Financial Viability

Our commercial team undertakes detailed financial modeling to determine a project or portfolio’s commercial and financial viability. We determine whether an asset will generate long-term returns and most critically, if it meets the necessary funding criteria.

Offtake Agreements

We put in place long-term commercial Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with a range of utilities.

Policy and Regulatory Analysis

As well as participating on a number of prominent industry bodies that keep us at the forefront of industry movements, our collective renewables experience enables us to anticipate market trends and position the business accordingly. In doing so, we have weathered many a storm that other renewables Independent Power Producers (IPP) may not have. Our successful track record over the years and in various jurisdictions is a testament to this.

Site Assessment and Design

At the end of the design and development phase of the project, we put in place all the final design and construction contracts to be ready to build.